Level Up Your Space with these Kitchen Storage Ideas

07.27.2023 By Casvino Kitchen 0

Ever found yourself in your kitchen, annoyed at the odds and ends taking up your bench space, with no room left to pop them away in your cabinets? Maybe your small kitchen feels cramped with seemingly no room for everything, let alone enough room to cook up a storm. 

You’re not alone. The good news? There are plenty of smart kitchen storage ideas out there that can help turn your kitchen into a well-organised space if you know where to look. Luckily, we do!

Explore our top tips on how to maximise your small kitchen, and get it back to feeling like the calm & relaxing heart of your home.

Capitalise on Cabinet Space


smart kitchen cabinets storage

Your kitchen cabinets often go unnoticed, silently serving as the stalwarts of your kitchen storage. But, they hold an untapped potential to streamline your kitchen experience, if you know how to make the most of it. 

The first step is to rethink the interiors of your cabinet doors. Rather than being just a barrier to your items, they can serve as a clever storage solution. 

Install hooks or adhesive bars on the insides of your cabinet doors. This relatively simple trick immediately frees up space in the main body of your cabinets and provides a handy home for your cutting boards and pans. Even the lids of your pots can be easily stored on the doors, saving you valuable time searching through your kitchenware.

The next step to freeing up more storage space is to delve deeper into the heart of your cabinets. How many times have you found yourself rummaging through the dark depths of your cabinets to find a particular item? This is where custom-made pull-out drawers come into play. 

Imagine opening your cabinet to find a neatly organised pull-out drawer, where every item, from your baking trays to your Tupperware, is in clear sight with easy access. Say goodbye to bending down and reaching into the back of your cabinets! 

To further maximise the space, consider including tiered shelves or drawer dividers. These additions make it easy to categorise your items and utilise every inch of the vertical space within your cabinets. 

If DIYing some custom kitchen drawers or shelves feels like a bit too much to do on your own, we’d love to help you out! At Casvino Kitchen, we specialise in crafting these types of bespoke solutions for you. Our custom kitchen cabinets are designed specifically to accommodate your unique needs, transforming your kitchen into a functional and organised space with a bespoke kitchen.

Tidy up Your Pantry


A small, but impactful next step. Optimising pantry space can truly revolutionise your kitchen experience, transforming a cluttered mess into a well-organised haven of easy-to-find ingredients.

Start by categorising your pantry items – baking goods, canned food, spices, and so on. Use clear plastic containers to store your dry goods like rice, pasta, and cereals. Not only does this keep them fresh, but it also allows you to see at a glance when it’s time to replenish your stocks. 

Consider adding extra shelves or pull-out drawers to maximise the vertical space, allowing you to store more without making the pantry feel crowded. 

Lastly, utilise the inside of your pantry door as well. Small racks or even a spice rack attached here can save significant shelf space. 

Look Up!


Modern Smart Kitchen

The next step to transforming your kitchen is to start thinking vertically. In most homes, a wealth of vertical space goes underused, especially in the kitchen. This is where open shelves can play a major role. 

Not only do they add a dash of modern flair, but they also provide much-needed storage space without occupying any of your precious counter areas. Be it your colourful range of spice jars, your cherished collection of cookbooks, or those random kitchen tools, open shelves can store them all in a neat and organised fashion. 

But, why stop there? You can also put your dry goods and smaller appliances on display, freeing up even more of your cabinet and counter space. Add some elegant wicker baskets or chic ceramic jars, and you’ve got yourself a storage solution that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Invest in a Kitchen Island


Kitchen Island

If you’re short on storage, it might be time you consider putting in a kitchen island. Serving as the heart of the kitchen, beyond storage they also bring people together for hearty meals, casual chats over coffee, or even the occasional homework session. 

Kitchen islands are a treasure trove of storage opportunities, waiting to be explored. Picture this: deep, roomy drawers incorporated seamlessly into the design of your kitchen island. These spacious drawers can comfortably house larger items, like the stack of pots and pans that you never seem to find the right place for.

You can also make room in a kitchen island for storing smaller essentials, like your cutlery, tea towels, or baking tools, either by installing smaller drawers or using draw-dividers. Pull-out pantries are also extremely popular in kitchen islands, creating a perfect spot for your dry goods. 

Remember, a Little Extra Goes a Long Way


Let’s not forget about the ‘extras’ in our kitchen storage solutions. It’s always a good idea to have extra storage for those less frequently used items. Here is a list of some our favourites: 

  • Containers or baskets – A few well-placed containers can do wonders for your cabinets or drawers, keeping everything neat and tidy. 
  • Wine racks – a dedicated rack can transform an otherwise unused corner into an elegant display.
  • Magnetic strip – this gives you a space to hang things like knives, that would otherwise take up valuable drawer space. 
  • Over-the-door racks – a great way to utilise otherwise empty space in your cupboards.


Tired of Just Making Do with Your Kitchen?


While there are many easy, DIY ways to increase your small kitchen storage space, we understand that sometimes that just isn’t quite enough. If you’re considering undergoing a professional kitchen renovation Perth, we’d love to help you out.

While a kitchen renovation can seem like a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be – our team at Casvino Kitchen is here to assist you, every step of the way. We specialise in kitchen design in Perth and create smart storage solutions to suit your needs in your revamped kitchen. If you’re ready to go beyond DIY storage solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team.